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The Only 3 Times You Should Rent a Home Instead of Buying One

  So you're thinking of buying property? But have you really thought it through? Self-made millionaire David Bach explains the benefits of buying vs. renting in this short video.    The bottom line? He wants young people to buy homes. Here's why...      David's Advice   "I don't want you to wait. I want you to be thinking about buying real estate sooner versus later," he tells CNBC Make It. That's because homeownership is "the ultimate escalator to building wealth," he says. "People who own real estate get rich."   Start Your Buying Journey With An Agent You Can Trust    If you're thinking about dipping your toes in the real estate pond, or you're a seasoned investor looking to expand your Essendon real estate portfolio, get in touch with our agents today to discuss your buying criteria, and let us find your ideal property with our exclusive Home Finder Service.

Don't Hire Agents Who Work For Peanuts

Who are you trusting to sell your biggest asset? Don't risk hiring monkeys and agents who work for peanuts.    Read the articles below to find out why…    Purplebricks Misleading the Public More Concerns Over Industry Disruptors 'They're not real agents': REIWA Calls For Probe The Downside of Purplebricks: $12,000 Fee, House Still for Sale Purplebricks Business Model Under Fire Real Estate Startup to Pay $20,000 Fine After Action by QLD's Consumer Watchdog       Speak With a Professional Essendon Real Estate Agent     Call Pennisi's Private Negotiation Specialists today on 9379 5616 and ask about our Home Sellers' Protection Guarantee. 

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Don't Be an Auction Lemon

  If you’re considering selling your property, speak to a Private Negotiation Specialist at Pennisi who understands the limitations of auction.   Call 9379 5616 or email to request a free sales appraisal today. 

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