How We Can Help You

Buying Services? What an odd term for most real estate agents. Most agent's have no services for you. They're Real Estate Agents - there to rip you off and make your life difficult!

At Pennisi we're different, we do have services for you.

Buyers Club

We offer an exclusive Buyers Club. Many agents can offer you a property alert but ours is different in the sense that we actually use it!

Our Buyers Club members are alerted before the property goes to the public, then when you contact us, we contact you back. It's innovative we know, but we are innovative!

Home Finder Service

We offer a Homefinder service. Your perfect home is out there, it may not be on the market at the right time for you but it is out there. If a property is not on the market it does not necessarily mean the owners won't consider selling, they just haven't thought about it, and more importantly, haven't been asked.

If you don't find the property you love on our Buyers Club, let us know what you are looking for and we will find it for you.

Regards Andrew Pennisi