Selling Property During Covid-19 Stage 4 Restrictions - FAQs

It is our top priority to support our clients, team and community throughout this challenging time. In order to help you understand the current state of play and make informed property related decisions, we have sourced a series of frequently asked questions for your reference. 

What do stage 4 restrictions mean for real estate?

During stage 4 restrictions we are unable to conduct any onsite work, which means our office is closed and our team is working remotely from home. We can only conduct virtual buyer inspections during this time.

Can I still sell during stage 4 restrictions?

You are able to sell your property during stage 4 restrictions, but to be frank, this may not be possible without inspections. We do encourage you to reach out to us however to discuss your individual circumstances. Preparing a property for sale and a quality selling strategy that aims to get you the best price in the shortest time normally takes a couple of weeks, so now is the perfect time to start preparing for a post-lockdown sale.

The team at Pennisi are well prepared to advise you on values and can facilitate property assessment in a contactless manner.

Running a "Coming Soon" campaign over the lockdown period presents an opportunity for us to nurture our pool of active buyers, advise you on how to prepare your home for sale and work with you on strategies to maximise your sale price once restrictions are lifted.

Can I still get my property appraised during stage 4 restrictions?

Yes, we can offer you an opinion of value without needing to physically visit your home. Via a range of platforms we can virtually view the property and then provide you with a detailed report that includes ideas on how to prepare your home to maximise value, a current estimate of your property value and a sale proposal that offers you a risk-free way to sell.

With an understanding of the market and the key elements that influence your property price, our experts can answer any questions you may have about the value of your home and the right sale method for the current climate, then provide you with a tailored risk-free marketing strategy.

We welcome you to contact us to discuss how we can appraise and prepare for a strategic selling campaign once restrictions have lifted.

If you are not selling yet but would like to see how the market in your suburb is performing, email Andrew Pennisi your address to receive a suburb flyover report. You might also like to have a look at our online property assessment platform

Request a detailed virtual consultation

Are buyers still active in the market?

There has been a natural drop-off in active buyer enquiry, as expected. However, as witnessed in other states buyer demand spiked as lockdown came to an end. Some of the best results in the Sydney and Brisbane markets over recent times were achieved directly following the previous lockdown.

Can my settlement continue and can I move during stage 4?

Yes, the Victorian Government has confirmed that settlements can continue, and you will be able to move house during this time. Solicitors and conveyancers can continue to work remotely and should be able to assist with your settlement. We will facilitate the process and hand over your keys in a contactless manner.

How has Coronavirus impacted the state of the market?

The past few months we have facilitated traditional levels of transactions, many at prices above expectations. While many real estate agents have scrambled to adapt their business to a private sales model, Pennisi have been the sole private sale specialist in Moonee Valley, and have developed our systems over the last 30 year.

Despite the government-imposed stage 4 restrictions, we anticipate the best time to sell in the next few years will be in the month following the end of lockdown.

What should I do if I want to sell my property during this time? 

We can still work with you to identify the right selling strategy to help you achieve the best possible result for your property during stage 4 restrictions. Please contact Andrew Pennisi.

Can I still sell my property via an auction?


For 30 years we have believed that the worst way to sell a property is via Auction. We didn’t think it was possible, but there is now a worse way... Online Auctions. 

How is paperwork signed remotely?

For several years Pennisi HQ has been cloud-based and used digital contracts to facilitate sales in a seamless manner.

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