3 Red Flags to Watch For When Buying a Home

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of buying a house and overlook the finer details of a property. While the wooden floors in the bathroom might look rustic and chic on inspection, exposure to moisture will eventually cause the wood to rot if not treated properly, and guess who’s left to replace them? Here are 3 more red flags to watch for when buying your next home or Essendon investment property:

If a home has been in a family for an extended period of time, there’s a higher chance of DIY repair jobs, particularly when it comes to electrical and plumbing. Carefully inspect properties for what may look like an amateur or short-term fix, and if in doubt about the safety or integrity of the work, request an expert opinion.

2. Water Leakages

What might be easy to pass off as an innocent little drip (because you’re head over heals with the rest of the house) might actually turn into a big, mouldy problem down the track. Check the property for functioning drainage that leads excess water away from the house, as water intrusion can cause costly repair jobs down the track if not diagnosed early.

3) Flimsy Handrails

General wear and tear can take a toll on handrails over time. What might feel a little loose now can quickly turn into a serious wobble. You don’t want to risk children or elderly visitors having a tumble and taking the handrail down with them. It may only be a small repair job, but it’s one to add to the post-purchase fix-it list, so keep an eye on how long that list becomes.

Realistic & Ethical Quoting

Rest assured we’ve thoroughly inspected all properties listed by Pennisi Real Estate Essendon for any imperfections and prepared a realistic sales figure in line with Victoria’s pricing and advertising laws, so there’ll be no surprises when it’s all said and done. 

See For Yourself

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Buying Beyond the Presentation