5 Simple Tips to Make Your Property Stand Out

Selling your property takes time, effort and a little help from the experts. Showcasing your property in the best light will make a big difference to its value.

1. Street Appeal

First impressions count! Mow the lawn, tidy and water the garden, plant some blooms, clean gutters, remove cobwebs, sweep the path, upgrade the letterbox.

2. Minimise Clutter

Create light and space. Open the curtains. Remove excess furniture and belongings, family photos and half the contents of storage spaces.

3. Clean the House

Make it sparkle, especially the kitchen, bathroom and windows. Remove all trace of pets and banish bad odours with fresh air or fragrances. A prospective buyer with an allergy to cats will be deterred by couches and carpets covered in fur, so ensure every surface is well vacuumed and use a lint roller where needed.

4. Interior Update

Wobbly door handles, torn fly screens and squeaky doors can be easily fixed. Consider updating flooring or painting in neutral colours, but remember that painting one dull room can draw attention to other unpainted rooms.

5. Inspect Through the Eye of a Buyer

Walk from the street and through every room, viewing your property through the eyes of a buyer. Make it easy for them to feel welcome and comfortable.

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