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5 Simple Tips to Make Your Property Stand Out

Selling your property takes time, effort and a little help from the experts. Showcasing your property in the best light will make a big difference to its value.   1. Street Appeal First impressions count! Mow the lawn, tidy and water the garden, plant some blooms, clean gutters, remove cobwebs, sweep the path, upgrade the letterbox.   2. Minimise Clutter Create light and space. Open the curtains. Remove excess furniture and belongings, family photos and half the contents of storage spaces.   3. Clean the House Make it sparkle, especially the kitchen, bathroom and windows. Remove all trace of pets and banish bad odours with fresh air or fragrances. A prospective buyer with an allergy to cats will be deterred by couches and carpets covered in fur, so ensure every surface is well vacuumed and use a lint roller where needed.    4. Interior Update Wobbly door handles, torn fly screens and squeaky doors can be easily fixed. Consider updating flooring ...

Take a Look Inside Home Buyers Minds

Home buyers are a diverse group of people and there are never two exactly the same. Every buyer has their own individual circumstances, motivations, budget and criteria for investing in real estate, requiring a unique and customised approach for each buyer. Despite these differences however, many share the same views when it comes to how they search for properties, how and when they choose to engage real estate agents and their preferred method of sale.   Click the video below to discover what really goes on inside the minds of real estate buyers.         List with an agent you can trust. For more information call 03 9379 5616 or email [email protected] can also view our recently sold properties here. 

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Meeting Room For Hire at Pennisi Real Estate in Essendon

  We have a pretty neat meeting room here at the Pennisi Real Estate office in Essendon, but when we're not in meetings and training, we're out in the field selling real estate and managing rental properties... which is why we've made our beautiful boardroom available to the community for hire!    Ideal for small meetings, training sessions and classes, the Pennisi boardroom is fully equipped for all your meeting needs...   Generous room size with ample light Heating for winter and cooling for summer White board with markers and eraser Wall-mounted flat screen TV for playing DVDs Complimentary bottled water Tea and coffee facilities Well-maintained toilet facilities  Full use of kitchenette with glassware and crockery Unlimited download WIFI access  If you would like to enquire about hiring the Pennisi boardroom for your next meeting or training session, call us on 9379 5616 or send us a message...

The Auction Myths The Lazy Agents Love

    "Auctions always bring the best price."   Really?! This is a long-held myth that does not hold up against reality. Whenever you have the fortunate situation of more than one buyer trying to buy your residential property, the worst thing a real estate agent can do is disclose competing offers to each of the interested buyers – which is exactly what happens at a public auction.   When this happens, the respective buyers' focus becomes outbidding the competing buyers by $1,000... as opposed to offering their highest price for the property, which could have been $20,000 more (...or more!)   When you're selling your home, you want the eventual buyer to have paid their maximum price for it. To win an auction, the buyer does not need to pay their maximum price - they just need to be the highest bidder. This is a BIG difference and that difference could mean tens of thousands of dollars to you.   Selling to the highest bidder as oppos...

The Only 3 Times You Should Rent a Home Instead of Buying One

  So you're thinking of buying a property? But have you really thought it through? Self-made millionaire David Bach explains the benefits of buying vs. renting in this short video.    The bottom line? He wants young people to buy homes. Here's why...      David's Advice   "I don't want you to wait. I want you to be thinking about buying real estate sooner versus later," he tells CNBC Make It. That's because homeownership is "the ultimate escalator to building wealth," he says. "People who own real estate get rich."   Start Your Buying Journey With An Agent You Can Trust    If you're thinking about dipping your toes in the real estate pond, or you're a seasoned investor looking to expand your Essendon real estate portfolio, get in touch with our agents today to discuss your buying criteria, and let us find your ideal property with our exclusive Home Finder Service.

Land Tax Bites: Correct Structure is the Key

    Article by Peter O'Malley   The 2019 land tax notices were recently delivered to the chagrin of some landlords. Examples of landlords being issued $50,000, $60,000 even $70,000 land tax bills was fairly common during February.    One landlord, a self-funded retiree, who has fought hard to buy 5 properties over his working life, was hit with a $68,500 land tax bill on income of $150,000. Some people would deem/debate this gentleman is rich – let’s just agree he is not poor. From the $150,000 he earns from his investment properties, he pays out council rates x 5, maintenance x 5, income tax on $150,000, letting fees on vacancy, management fees x 5 and now a whopping $68,500 land tax bill.   In such a situation, you can claim the landlord is very fortunate to have accumulated such assets. The reality is, he and many others are being severely punished with crazy land tax bills for being structured incorrectly, rather than a rebalancing of ...