Helen Cafari

Helen Cafari

Helen has lived in the Essendon area all her life and was educated at St Columbus College.

After completing her education she worked with her father, an accountant in Essendon until he passed away.

Helen commenced her real estate career in 1985 for Pennisi Real Estate as the receptionist and quickly advanced to more senior rolls in the Property Management Department. Today, Helen heads up the Commercial Leasing Team.

As one of six members of our prestigious 20 Year Club, Helen's experience in Commercial Tenancy and Management is second to none.

Outside work, Helen and her children Laura and Anthony enjoy plenty of time at the beach and are actively involved with the Rosebud District Life Saving Club on the Mornington Peninsula.


Sam Sfameni

I wish to thank you personally and also the staff of Pennisi Real Estate for looking after my property portfolio over the last 10 years. I have been confident in the knowledge that your experience and attention to detail has always selected the most appropriate tenant, which in turn has ensured trouble-free management of the buildings. I look forward to an ongoing association with your firm in the future.

Russell Williams, Director Stars of the Universe Pty Ltd

Our company, namely Stars of the Universe Pty Ltd, has been dealing with Pennisi Commercial Properties for many years. Their commercial department has done an amazing job managing our many properties. We have had a great deal of success with Pennisi with leasing our properties when they have become vacant. Their professional and friendly approach has been excellent. We thoroughly recommend Pennisi Commercial Properties.

Marg Martin

I am writing to thank you for your management of the McManus family commercial properties over more than two decades. You have always been courteous, reliable and professional in dealing with our 8 properties, some of which were jointly owned with other parties. It has been a pleasure to work with you. I could always depend on your ability to handle any situation that arose involving these retail properties. You handled difficult situations calmly with tact and discretion. You always responded promptly to queries and I could rely on you in all matters. This made my job a lot easier. As a commercial rental property manager, you are without peer. Your ability to maintain these properties for so long through their unique circumstances was entirely due to your professional management expertise. Thank you again for being such an outstanding Property Manager. I wish you continued success in your career and much happiness in the future.

Rajesh Dudhani, Oak Park

I am very grateful to you and the team. You all have handled the COVID pandemic situation with all responsibility, care and diligence. I have no words to praise, rather than to say YOU ALL ARE JUST GEMS IN SOCIETY. Thank you.

Jahn Buhrman

Congratulations, Helen! 35 years with Pennisi, wow! And… we have known each other for 30 of those years. Pennisi has been so fortunate to have you on their team as you were/are the most amazing Property Manager! There never was an issue that you could not solve for me. Thank you! You are such an asset for the company. Congratulations and continued Best Wishes.