Brenda Marshall, Keilor

Mirjana is without a doubt the most helpful and supportive real estate agent I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Always beautifully presented, punctual and well prepared, she was totally professional yet always with a personal, friendly touch. Nothing was too much trouble for Mirjana and she did so many helpful things for me that I certainly would not have expected from my agent. One rainy day during lockdown, knowing I was on my own and not able to have visitors, she popped around with a little cake, since she was in the area. The day was rainy, I had many bags of old clothing to dispose of, but the op shops were closed. Not a problem! Mirjana knew of charity clothing bins but wouldn’t hear of me driving in the rain and insisted on bundling the whole lot into her car because she was passing them on her way home. If I had a phone query, it was answered instantly – not at some time later which would have been entirely acceptable – but immediately. This kind of service is really above and beyond and I could go on and on. After a very difficult sale – to lovely people who loved my unit but didn’t want to pay for it – all Mirjana’s hard work paid off and it was finally and successfully sold. She worked so hard on that sale and I am certain she was just as kind and patient with the buyers as she was with me. She didn’t lose interest in me after the sale either, but came and visited me in my new apartment – on her day off, with an arm full of flowers – and had a cup of tea sitting in the middle of all my chaos. So my award goes to Mirjana for, not only agent of the year, but real estate agent of the century. Thanks Mirjana. You are top of the tree!