Georgina Lontos, Essendon North

“I am writing to you in regards to Teresa that works in the sales department at Pennisi Real Estate. I was the previous owner of Unit 21/15 Royal Avenue, Essendon North. I am writing to share the experience of the sale of my property through Teresa. At the time that I wanted to sell my property I had a beautiful, yet demanding 6-month old baby girl. Teresa entered my home and had the upmost respect to work around me and my family and our hectic schedule. She travelled to my place of residence and my husband’s work in order to make my life easier and comfortable. Teresa was always honest, friendly and had time to answer any questions we had. She always picked up her phone or answered back within 5 minutes, she never let you sit there waiting like other agents did, which I have dealt with in the past. She was simply a wonderful and rare person to deal with. Being a business owner myself, I deal with many people on a daily basis and I can honestly say that I have never met anyone with such a warm, inviting and beautiful nature. Teresa makes you feel important and keeps you in a positive frame of mind during the course of the sale. Not once did she seem negative and this made the experience very non-stressful for myself and my family. Teresa worked her magic and got me a result that stunned me. It was way over what I had as a reserve and we were delighted with the outcome of the purchase price. It was something that I never expected. This sale now helps me and my family get closer to buying a new family home, the one of our dreams which hopefully Teresa can assist us in buying.  I have no hesitation telling you that up to date Teresa is the best agent my husband and I have ever dealt with (and we have dealt with many). Teresa is more than an asset to Pennisi Real Estate; you should be extremely grateful to have a wonderful and responsible woman on your team. I would highly recommend her to anybody in the future that wants to sell/buy a property. Please give Teresa my heartfelt appreciation for her excellent work.”