Rhonda, Essendon

“I would like to express my appreciation for your staff’s services for the recent sale of my Essendon property. Like most of the population I have only purchased and sold one property in my lifetime so the process of buying and selling property is not a familiar activity. I particularly remember the anguish experienced when dealing with snakey bank managers when I bought the property in 1983. Not a process I will ever be encouraged to do again. And, of course my perceptions of property salesmen has been shaped by the usual TV current affairs programs who feature “…the agents from hell”. When I decided to sell my flat I canvassed several of the agents in Essendon by letter and Andrew was the only agent who responded (?). He explained everything in a manner I could understand and remained in constant touch by phone and weekly letter letting me know what was happening. Your office staff were also helpful and put me wise to what my legal bloke should do (I deal with the legal profession about as much as I deal with the Real Estate profession). I’ve been a bit slow in sending the letter (sorry Andrew) but as you can see I now have a computer. Thank you all once again.”