Sensible Tips for Styling Your Property Like a Professional


The aim of styling your property for sale is for potential buyers to remember your property. You need to impress them from the moment they step through the front door.

Relate it to when you meet someone the first time. If they are dressed well, you make an assumption. If they have inappropriate or dirty clothes, you make another. Your property is no different; it should be clean and well-presented. After all, it’s likely to be your greatest asset.

Think beyond furnishings and décor and present a life that they can imagine themselves living. You’re selling them the dream of what their life could look like if they live in your property.

We often decorate based on the area or the property. For example, if you were styling a house in Geelong you may think about a coastal beach theme. This isn’t to say we would put pictures of fish everywhere, but we would consider a softer colour pallet, accenting in blue or green hues. We would decorate based on our assumption of what people living in Geelong like.

We think about what people will see as they walk into each room. Show them something interesting. Guide their eye away from what you don’t want them to see. Property styling is all about smoke & mirrors; don’t highlight a mark on the wall or an ugly air conditioner – distract their eye to look at something more interesting.

Decorate the Property With the Buyer in Mind

If you’re selling an apartment in Fitzroy, South Yarra or Moonee Ponds, the property is likely to be attractive to a first-home buyer, or at the very least a younger buyer. You would decorate with furnishings that are on trend, adding in a few quirky elements or pops of personality for them to connect with.

If you’re styling four-bedroom Ascot Vale or Essendon houses for sale with multiple living areas, you can bet that your buyer is going to be a young family. Show them what their life will look like in their new home; paint a picture they will love. A family home needs to showcase somewhere they can sit together to relax, and equally as important, somewhere they can retreat when they want a bit of quiet time.

If you have multiple living areas, what are they used for? They all need a purpose. If the rooms are large make sure you zone in the space, as overly large spaces can be cold and uninviting. Equally, small spaces need to be shown as open, but functional and presented with purpose.

If you have ever been through a display home, you will understand the emotional connection you feel when you walk into a beautifully styled property. It’s the emotional connection that entices buyers to spend a little more because the LOVE it.

If you’re dressing your own home, write yourself a checklist:

  • Furniture – make sure the furniture is right for the space. Not too big, not too small. Zone in all of the areas and decorate with one theme in mind. A property should flow from start to finish.
  • Soft furnishings – bedrooms & living areas. Layering and mixing textures creates depth and visual interest in any space. Add lots of cushions, throw rugs and floor rugs. You can layer items for an opulent visual effect.
  • Artwork – artwork is a great way to add life to a property, but you certainly don’t need to go overboard. A large canvas or print above the sofa, another above the beds to zone it in. The colour will translate well for your real estate photos. We often use artwork to fill a void, or look towards your dining area, hallways or the walls that you first see as soon as you walk into a room.
  • Decorator items – this is my favourite part and it’s often where you get to tell a story about the person living in the property. You can go down the path of an intrepid traveller, quirky left of centre or anything else your heart desires. I’ve often heard stylists say to remove ALL of your personal photos, but I don’t agree with that as a blanket statement. Sure, de-clutter and steer away from large family portraits on the walls, but a few family photos strategically placed will bring life and warmth to a home.
  • Flowers & greenery – a must in EVERY property. Fresh Essendon flowers or tasteful fakes, I really don’t mind. Greenery will give your property a lift and it works in every room – great in bathrooms and kitchens too.

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Cheree Scott is the director of Melbourne Property Stylists, a leading furniture hire company based in Maidstone, Melbourne. To date, Cheree and her team have styled in excess of 5,000 properties. Her passion for interiors and achieving results for her clients is infectious.