When is the best time to sell my property?

Every season offers the seller different opportunities to market and sell their property…


Winter is a great time to sell your property in Melbourne as there is often less stock on the market. A well presented property in winter stands out as there is less competition and buyers are looking all year round. A warm open fire in a Melbourne winter accompanied by hot chocolate on arrival is the perfect way to welcome potential buyers to an open home.


Summer offers a unique time to showcase your property. Long days and summer holidays give prospective buyers more time to spend looking at property and imagining themselves moving into their new place. Offering a cold lemonade at an open home in summer ensures prospective buyers stay long enough to enjoy the refreshment while leisurely perusing the property.


Autumn is a busy buying period with many families wanting to settle on a new property before winter sets in. And there’s nothing quite like Melbourne’s beautifully bronzed leaf-laden streets in Autumn to set a warm, welcoming scene for an open home.


Spring is a popular time to sell property as there are often more buyers entering the market as the warmer weather returns. More buyers means more opportunities, however it also means increased competition from other sellers. Spring is a great time to sell your property, especially if you have invested in presenting the best features to ensure your property stands out.

Other Considerations…

Other things to consider are nearby events and festivals that might cause temporary traffic congestion. Prospective buyers may be put off by the inconvenience, unaware that the parking difficulty is due to a passing festival and the rest of the year it’s a quiet neighbourhood with ample parking.


At the end of the day, the best time to sell your property is when you are ready.

Every property owner has different priorities and the timing can be driven by changes in work or family. Every season offers unique selling opportunities and Pennisi Real Estate can guide you through the best ways to prepare your property for sale and optimise the price, regardless of when you go to market.

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