Why the Property Market Gains Momentum After a Federal Election


Now that the election is over… LET’S GET BACK TO BUSINESS!


The number of homes for sale and interest rates are at record lows – now is the perfect time to act. If you’re looking to sell your property in the coming year, there has NEVER been a better time. Here’s why…


Typically, a looming election tends to freeze the economy and Essendon real estate in particular, because people prefer to wait and see what happens before making big financial decisions.


But now that the election is behind us, it’s game on! First home buyers are entering the market every day and they’re hungry. With the current under supply of homes on the market, we are seeing strong demand in many markets.


Interest rates are still nice and low. With money this cheap, buyers can afford to go that extra $20,000 and lock into a low rate to buy the home they want.


The property market almost always gains momentum after a federal election. Buyers who waited to see what would happen have no more delaying excuses and are ready to buy. With the election behind us, there’s nothing holding them back and no reason to wait. We also offer free property appraisal, if there are any queries left on your mind.


I have a number of proven marketing plans and can meet you anytime to discuss your options and assess your likely selling range. Give me a call on 03 9379 5616 or contact me here and we’ll set up a time to meet.


Andrew Pennisi


P.S. A post-election market never lasts forever. In coming months, stock numbers will quickly grow to meet buyer demand. Prices will not be as good because buyers will have more choice. Long story short… Your time is now. Call me on 03 9379 5616 to discuss.


P.P.S. The best time to sell your property was yesterday, the next best time to sell is today, the worst time to sell is tomorrow.